vSphere Lifecycle Manager Failed to Prepare NSX-T Cluster

As vSphere Lifecycle Manager failed to set and apply NSX as a solution on the cluster, none of the hosts in the cluster were prepared as transport nodes. View the error state on the cluster in NSX Manager UI.
  • Login to NSX node
  • On the NSX Manager, go to System → Fabric → Nodes → Host Transport Node.
  • From the Managed by drop-down menu, select the vCenter Server.
  • Identify the failed cluster to view the error state. Click the error link to open a popup window. Click Resolve to initiate transport node profile realization on the cluster.
  • Have a look around as the error could be :
    • Profiles
    • Transport Zones
    • Compute Managers

In my case, I had an error with Registration Status. System → Fabric → Compute Managers

Although Connection Status showed UP, the NSX-T could not create a service account in the vCenter due to a lack of privileges.

By clicking on the RESOLVE button I was asked to provide credentials for vCenter. After that Registration Status changed to Registred and I was able to run pre-check.

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